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The slitting machine is used for slitting and rewinding various large rolling materials such as paper(20g/m2-300-/m2) cellophane paper, bill paper, double-face adhesive tape, PVC, OPP, PET, weave material, non woven of cloth, etc.

Here our experience of Slitting Machine Sourcing

Demand: Fax Paper Slitting

Slitting Material: Fax Paper

Here we recommend CZFQ fax paper slitting machine. CZFQ model is suitable for slitting fax paper with different page, cash paper, bill paper film, self adhesive, trademark, various paper(≤150g/m2). And it is the style of surface rewinding, which has the functions of easy operation, high-precision, rewinding trimly, really is a good machine in overseas market.

Demand: BOPP Film Slitting

Slitting Material: BOPP Film

Here we recommend FQJ model automatic vertical slitting machine. Equipped with photoelectric tracking, auto adjustment tension control and operation indicator. The center could be operated in simple way with a reliable function. This mode slitting machine can be also completed in splitting cutting of plastic film, paper and aluminum oil etc.

Demand: High Speed Slitting

Slitting Speed: 450m/min Speed

Here we recommend GSFQ high speed slitting and rewinding machine. It is used for slitting and rewinding various large rolling material in thichness 20g/m2-300/m2, such as paper, paper sticker, film, pvc, opp, bopp, pet etc. The razor blade cutting and groove roller cutting (also can be circle blade slit as optional device).

Demand: Medium Speed Slitting

Slitting Speed: 150m/min Speed

Here we recommend WZFQ-C computer high speed slitting and rewinding machine.This machine uses microcomputer control, magnetic powder auto tension control, and also with central winding style. The main motor use frequency converter for timing. It has the function of automatic meeting, automatic alarm, etc. And it adopts A & B pneumatic shaft structure for rewinding.

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