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Printing is everywhere in our life, especially on the packaging of all kinds of products, to be able to show products, brand culture, have the effect of propaganda. According to the different material, printing process, and the printing speed, choose the right printing machines for itself. Printing is usually divided into gravure printing and flexo printing,and the printing machine is used for printing roll material, plastic film, OPP, non-woven fabric, PCV, thin leather, paper, aluminum foil, cloth.

Here our experience of Printing Machine Sourcing

Demand: High Speed Printing

Printing Speed: 120m/min speed print

Here we recommend SS-ASY Series Gravure Printing Machine with Computer Control. It is suitable for BOPP, PET, CPP, PVCD, and combined film and paper with the same properties. Its printing speed is 120m/min, while the mechanical speed is 130m/min. And the main transmission device adopts electrician converter of Shenzhen Huachuan to control the vetor machine, transferring each group.

Demand: Medium Speed Printing

Printing Speed: 60-70m/min speed print

Here we recommend ASYB Series Ordinary Gravure Printing Machine. It is a standard type with normal configuration and cheap price. The printing mechanical speed is 70m/min, and the registering accuracy is 0.2mm, and the print plate horizontal adjustable is 360 degree. While you start the small business in packaging industry, this machine will be a good choice.

Demand: Medium Speed Printing

Printing Speed: 50m/min printing speed

Here we recommend YT Series 6 Color Flexo Printing Machine. YT series flexo printing machines is Ruian father machine with 50m/min since 1990. Its practical design help factory user save workshop space, electric power, and easy operation help company save salary of staff. This series also cold add many options like auto shaft loading and magnetic tension control.

View the medium speed machine sourcing case for our clients.

Demand: High Speed Printing Laminate

Printing Speed: 120m/min laminate

Here we recommend LGF600-1000 High Speed Dry Laminating Machine. The main transmission unit of LGF type dry laminating machine adopts alternating current frequency inverter transforming vector to control the motor. The heat beat and rubber pasted mesh roller system adopts swing arms to control its tightness and looseness. So the speed could up to 120m/min.

Demand: 40kw electric only

Here we recommend GFA-600-1000 Dry Laminating Machine. The main feature of the GFA series is compound heat beat and press roller device are heated through the oil to make the temperature of heat beat average and impression roller adopts dual air cylinder. While the pressure can be adjusted freely. It will help user to save electricity power exactly.