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Non-woven Bag Making

Non-Woven bag machine could do the following things with different situation, feeding (non-woven sheet), folding, cutting, bag making, ultrasonic bonding (punching), waste recycling, counting, stacking., only can do the convinent bag for people, but also help some brand be famous. So it have big market in many country. It is exactly an ideal equipment for producing Bags, handbags, shopping bags, gift bags, rope bag, jewelry bag, velvet bag, bag, pen bag, jewelry bag perfume etc.

Sourcing Guide of Non-woven Bag Machine

Demand: Semi Auto Monolithic Non-Woven Handle Sealing

Non-Woven Roll Thickness: 40-100g/m²

Here we recommend SZXU-A700 Semi Auto Monolithic Non-Woven Handle Sealing Machine. SZXU-A700 model is suitable for monolithic non-woven handle sealing with different Handle loop length in 380-600mm range. Otherwise, it is only use 5kw per hour let the speed up to 20pcs/min. And it only need one people to operate. It is a good machine to help you start business with a side sealing machine.

Demand: Non-Woven Box Bag Making With Online Handle Attaching

Non-Woven Roll Thickness: 35-100g/m²

Here we recommend ZXL-E700 Non-Woven Box Bag Making Machine With Online Handle Attaching. ZXL-E700 model is suitable for non-woven box bag making with online handle attaching with different size. And the max. Bag size is 700 x 800mm. The handle loop length is standard as 380-600mm. Otherwise, it is only use 18kw per hour let the speed up to 120pcs/min. Note: this machine is more suitable for company has stable daily requirements of non woven bags.

Demand: Non-woven Roll Slitting Machine

High Speed: at least 70m/min

Here we recommend ZXC-A1700 Non-Woven Slitting Machine. ZXC-A1700 model is suitable for big non-woven roll slitting. It accept 1700mm unloading roll diameter with 100m/min slitting speed, it is really fast! Otherwise, it is use 2.2kw per hour with 2500 x 1800 x 1200mm machine size only. All non-woven bag making machine will prepare this machine, because this machine only suitable for nonwoven material roll slitting while you purchase some big roll.

Demand: Non-woven Bag Making With Automatic Printing

Printing Color Need: 2 color

Here we recommend ZXH-C41200 Two Color Non-Woven Letterpress Printing Machine. ZXH-C41200 model is suitable for non-woven bag making with automatic printing with 10-60m/min. As you know every bag making machine connect the printing part will effect the speed much, and much colors is not convenient to print with nice pattern.