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Paper Cup & Plate Forming Machine

Automatic Cup Lid Thermoforming Machine
Automatic Cup Lid/Cover/Tray/Box/Container/Plate Thermoforming Machine With CE
July 7, 2018
HNB-900 Full Automatic Paper Cup Machine
Full Automatic Paper Cup Machine
January 26, 2019
Automatic Cup Lid Thermoforming Machine
CY-500C Automatic Forming Machine is developed according to the demand of packing market. This machine is a new type product developed in light of pharmaceutical standard GMP and food standard QS. Adopts a fully automatic flow covering blow molding or plastic sucking molding, punching and diet cutting as the special properties of product requires of the users. It is with advanced technology, safe and simple operation, avoid the consumption of labor on the manual punching and contamination from the touch with the employee. Therefore, the quality requirement is secured during the production. Aligned heating is employed by the equipment, and it enjoys low power consumption, small covering of land and economic, widely used in food, medicine and other industries.
Punch Speed 15-45 punch/min
Max. Forming Size 470*290mm
Max. Forming Depth 47mm
Material PVC/ PET/ PS
Max. Material Width 500mm
Stoke 60-300mm
Compressed Air 0.6-0.8Mpa
Mold Cooling 60L/H tap water /recycle water
Total Power 11.5Kw
Main Motor Power 2.2Kw
Material Thickness 0.15-0.6*500mm  Rolls70-76mm
Overall Dimension 3500*1000*1800mm
Weight 2400 KG
Voltage 380V,50HzThree-phase (Accept custom)
No. Description ART NO. Each dosage Manufacturer
1 PLC DVP-32ES200T 1 Delta(Taiwan)
2 Temperature check DVP04TC-E2 1
3 Servo 750W ECMA-C10807RS 1
4 Drivers ASD-A2-0721-L 1
5 Inverter VFD022E43A 1
6 Display TK6070iP 1 Waylon(Taiwan)
7 Switching Power Supply CL-A-50-24DC 1 MEAN WELL(Taiwan)
8 Thermocouple K,2M,Spiral 2 China super-light
9 Breaker DZ47LE-32-32A/4P 1 China ZhengTai
10 Breaker DZ47-60-32A/1P 2
11 Breaker DZ47-60-10A/1P 1
12 Mini Thermal relay JZX-22F(D)/2Z 5
13 SSR SSR-60DA 2 Wenzhou South
Heat sink 2
14 E-STOP button LAY3 1 China ZhengTai
15 Switch button LAY37 2
16 Encoder E40S6-360-3-N-24 1 Autonics
17 Photoelectric switch ES18-D01MK-MB 1 Zhejiang Tianhua
18 Proximity Switch J12-D4NK 2 Bardelli
19 Solenoid valve 4V210-8 7 AirTAC
20 Solenoid valve 4V410-15 2 Zhejiang Huangyan
21 Main Motor 100L1-4-R660160A   2.2KW 1
22 Mini Feeder Motor 4GN-10-K/4RK25GN-C 1 Zhejiang Dongbang
23 Mini Recycle Motor 5RK90GN-CFZ/5GN-20-K 1
24 Mini Transport Motor 4GN-20-K/4RK25GN-C 1

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