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Slitting Machine

CYY team know slitting machine well and sell this machine many years. We have different level slitting machine source with diffirent price. We mainly sale middle level slitting machine for Asia customers could customized with much big diameter and slitting width for special demand and help customer use well. For example, we have been produce a special horizontal slitting machine for India customer, We named it Model 1100C, Cutting thickness: 20g-300g / m2 ( depending on the availability of raw materials ), max raw Unwinding diameter is φ800mm, the maximum diameter of rewinding material is φ500mm, the maximum width of cut material is 1000mm, the rewinding air shaft diameter is φ74m ( key strip type ) 2PCS. At the same time the number of take-up shaft: 2PCS ( uniaxially winding ) the correction accuracy is ± 0.2mm, the Cutting precision is ± 0.2mm, the Speed ??is 10-160m / min, the Total Power is 3.5kw.