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Printing Machine

CYY do much bussiness with Ruian printing machine factories with the double function of our own film blowing machine. The printing machine all passed our inspection and test. So no worry about the quality. For example our ASY series is always sale well in Middle East Countries. This serier machine is suitable for BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminum foil and roll paper, etc. with excellent printing performance of the roll film material of the multi color disposable continuous printing, widely used in high-grade printed matter.Automatic registration system of the control unit is equipped with microprocessor, can quickly and accurately the color correction. Host variable frequency speed regulation.Unwinding tension using the full automatic tension controller and magnetic powder brake control. Adopt variable frequency motor winding, double electric flip, can be realized without stopping refueling. The oven for the double seal structure, uniform air flow, heating pipe for stainless steel with special heat sink (energy saving), uniform temperature, fire. Printing press roller, traction roller using pneumatic system. Ink self circulatory system.Retractable shaft of the inflatable shaft, convenient loading and unloading operation.