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Nonwoven Bag Making Machine

CYY has long years cooperation with several non woven bag making line factory, include the non woven t shirt bag , non woven shoe bag, nonwoven stand up bag, non woven drawstring Bag, non woven slitting machine, non woven flexo printing machine and so on. For example, our D-800 Non Woven Bag Making Machine(4-in-1) is our hot sale machine.It has utomatic feeding device, no need manual to lift up,just need a person to operate the machine.The machine will be automatically shut down after run out of the material, which can save the time of repeating the material,To improve the work efficiency; feeding shaft for pneumatic shaft, suit for inner hole diameter of 7.6 cm tube use GB,It can clamp the inflatable tube which convenient to use non-woven fabric.Equipped with automatic correction function, in case of cloth is not neat,Doing next step through the straightening device cloth.This machine is also equipped with the function of automatically carrying on. The handle bag of the non-woven bag is automatically adhered to the non-woven bag by ultrasonic wave. Inside drive upgrade for motor drive,High speed, high efficiency, to avoid the shortcomings of the previous cylinder drive.