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Full Automatic Paper Cup Machine

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January 25, 2019
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Pouch Bag Fill And Seal Packing Machine EM8
September 30, 2019
HNB-900 Full Automatic Paper Cup Machine
HNB-900Paper Cup Machine is automatic machine with multi-running positions. It produces single PE cups through the procedure of automatic paper feeding, bottom knurling, curling and cup stack. This kind of cup can be used for tea, coffee, milk, ice-cream etc. Mainly to produce 2-9 ounce with market high speed as 60-75pcs/min, we use good 100# gear box with special compact design to ensure this speed.
HND-16 The machine chassis is paved with 20mm thickness iron plate, the bottom filling 70mm cement in order to aggravate the fuselage to make the machine more stable. the machine's front frame feeding, paper suction and leaf packaging adopt the middle speed three cam structure of Korea, the rear frame blowing and knurling adopt the new structure to achieve machine stability and convenient maintenance.
  • Easy to operate the machine, only need one worker to operate the machine.
  • Good quality metal and steel used for the machine body and machine cover.
  • Air compressor is not required for this type paper cup machine.
  • Automatic alarm and stop, adopt 3 sensors detecting the production
  • New design of die-head can save the material of paper. (Oblique hot seal by copper bar)
About the HNB-900 model, You may not believe, why we use 100# index box can arrived 75pcs/min speed, we arrive 78pcs/min already as we send the video to you by love counting. Our secret is the feeding system high quality and compact inside transfer
Model HNB-900 HND-16
uses 25mm shaft & 100# index box. use 30mm shaft, open cam and auto bottom feeding
We can customize mold according to customer’s requirement, one machine include one whole set mold orinal. 
Better to buy mould from us to ensure mold exactly suitable.
Paper Cup Size 2-9oz /55-260ml 5-16oz/145-465ml
Paper Cup Top Diameter Min 40mm—Max 75mm Min50mm—Max 90mm
Paper Cup Bottom Diameter Min 30mm—Max 55mm Min40mm—Max 78mm
Paper Cup Height Min 40mm—Max 90mm Min60mm—Max 140mm
Raw Material One-side PE coated paper(Singe PE coated paper)
Reel Speed (The speed
 is according to the paper 
cup height, top diameter, 
bottom diameter and paper weight)
60-75cs/min 50-70pcs/min
For example, height is 60mm, bottom diameter is 30-52mm, top diameter is 40-75mm, the paper weight is less than 250gsm, the speed can up to the highest speed
Speed of 20 hours stable running per day
Paper height smaller, speed faster
Paper weight smaller, speed faster
Bottom diameter smaller speed fast
Top diameter smaller speed fast
Suitable Paper Weight 170-300gsm 190-320gsm
Voltage Supply 220v50hz single phase/ 380v50hz 3-phase (better to use 380v50hz 3-phase)
*If user’s voltage supply is different, please inform us in advance.
Cup Side Sealing Normal Heater (copper bar)
Bottom Knurling Heater Knurling
General Power 5.5kw
Gross Weight
 (With Wooden Packaging,
The Wood Only100-150kg)
1500kg 2000kg
Measurement (Mm)
 Before Wooden Packaging
2150*1050*1550 2300*1200*1600
40HQ accept 10sets 40HQ accept 9sets
Measurement (Mm) 
After Finish Wooden Packaging
2200*1150*1600 2400*1300*1600

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