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Digital Corona Treater

July 1, 2017
July 1, 2017
Digital Corona Treater

1 Main circuit of high-power IGBT inverter power module and an important part of a drive circuit, high frequency switching transformer, the control part of the letter all integrated circuit adopts imported components, to ensure the reliability of the machine.
2 The work frequency of the circuit changes over load, through the phase locked circuit can realize stable frequency automatic tracking, locking, reduces the power device of main loop current and voltage stress, make its best working condition.
3 It has soft start function to prevent the current impact caused by power startup and the pollution of the power grid and the possible damage to the host.
4 With three-phase short of phase, fault phase protection, bridge arm straight short circuit protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, protection, unlocked inverter load corona shaft stalling protection, electrode holder open protection, load breakdown of fire protection.
5 Load corona shaft stalling protection, electrode open protection function can choose to use, the function is to prevent because of the broken film or other reasons make the rubber shaft caused a halt in plastic shaft in the same position for a long time discharge and breakdown plastic shaft.

Model CY-600
Voltage 380V±10%  50Hz
Max power 10KW
Frequency 20KHz
Control cabinet measure 600x600x1500mm
Transformer tank measure 410x320x360mm
Weight 135kg

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