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Cases of Printing Machines

Case 1: Plastic Film Printer

GYT Series 6 Color Flexo Printing Machine

Customer Demand:

Machine Type: flexo printing machine
Maximum Width of Printing Material: 800mm
Max. Diameter of Roller Material: ¢600mm
Printing Speed: 5-100m/min
Printing Cylinder: Chromed, and add 400mm, 600mm, 800mm cylinder.

Note: Normal printing cylinder is 2$/cm, and chromed printing cylinder should be 4$/cm. How many color how many pcs od the cylinders.

Deal By:

GYT-6800 Flexo Printing Machine meet his demand. Plastic film is more suitable for printing with oil-based ink, because the adhesion ability of water-based ink is not good, and the paper itself has a certainly water absorption, so it is more suitable for water-based ink. But now the trend is to use water-based ink, to the environmental protection direction, adaptability of flexographic printing machine for printing ink and the material is good, a lot of plastic bag manufacturers are considering purchasing the flexographic printing machine to replace the old gravure printing machine.

Case 2: Kraft Paper Printer

Customer Demand:

Machine Type: Flexo printing machine
Max. Printing Material Width: 600mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter: 1300mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter: 1300mm
Printing Speed: 5-100m∕min
Register Precision: ≤±0.10mm
Anilox: 2 pcs Ceramic anilox

Note: Metal roller is usually equipped with plastic scraper, the service life of 1-2 years, ceramic roller generally with steel scraper, the service life of 5-6 years. The ceramic anilox roller is more expensive than the plastic 10 thousands.

Deal By:

ZYT-2600 Two Colors Flexo Printing Machine meet his demand. A lot of food bag use kraft paper, and it use water-based ink, we prefer to use ceramic anilox with customized mesh size, depth, etc.. if want print clear we must be recommended ceramic anilox roller. Now we have closed scraper blade, do not do the former single scraper, a single scraper is not clean.

ZYT Series 2 Color Flexo Printing Machine with Hydraulic Loading

Case 3: Flexible Printing Machine

YT Series 6 Color Flexo Printing Machine

Customer Demand:

Printing material: PE(25 micron), Paper(40-120gsm), Brown Kraft
Loading roll diameter: 1500mm
Repeat length: 320mm
Connect the printing machine after the bag making machine(not suggest)
2 printing units be fitted to 4 color printer at later stage (could not)
The start up amps is 10Amps, the running amps is 60amps. (not open the fans)
Print clearly and well

Deal By:

YT-61000 flexible printing machine meet his demand. Add optional Ceramic anilox roller, hydraulic lifting and lowing printing cylinder. We directly install the 2 pcs banana rollers to machine. One pc will install at unwinding part, one pc roller will install at rewinding part.

Case 4: 4 Color Flexo Printing Machine

Customer Demand:

4- colors flexo printer
Print material: 21 gsm sulpher bleach paper
Must be reel to reel
Diameter of the reel: 90 cm
Min printing width: 350mm
Core size of rolls: 76 mm
1 rewinding
1 unwinding

Deal By:

YT Series 4 Color Flexo Printing Machine , add optional 1 set 400mm(perimeter) printing cylinder. The print pattern are in the 400mm position.